Domestic Transportation

Hermes Global carries out loading, unloading and door deliveries to final delivery points upon the request of customers. Our companies have K1 authorization certificates.

Also, our company provides high standards of service with the current cold chain and vehicle fleet in accordance with ADR standards, with 20 years of experience in the transportation of drugs and products that require special protection and ADR-trained personnel, in the direction of increasing demand. soğuk zincir ve ADR standartlarına uygun araç filosu ile ilaç ve özel muhafaza gerektiren ürün taşımacılığı konusunda 20 yıllık tecrübesi ve ADR eğitimli personeli ile yüksek standartlarda hizmet vermektedir. 

Cold Chain Transportation

standards and ADR-trained personnel, with 20 years of experience in the transportation of products requires special protection. We offer services related to keeping conditions of your perishable products and ways of shipment together. We carry the products requiring cold chain safely. Your products keep their freshness when they arrive to the points of arrival. Possible risks are minimized during transportation. Ideal temperature is provided for perishable products that need to be carried under different temperature degrees. Maximum speed and safety can be obtained with cold chain transportation. We carry out all transportation operations with our technological infrastructure, which enables sharing the heat records when requested, with temperature control at below degrees:

Soğuk: +2 / +8 derece arası,
Serin: +8 / +15 derece arası,
Genel: +15 / +25 derecelerinde ısı kontrollü olarak, istenildiğinde ısı kayıtlarının paylaşılmasını sağlayan teknolojik alt yapımız ile tüm taşıma işlemlerini gerçekleştiriyoruz.

Hazardous Substance Transportation

Hazardous substances are defined under 9 titles as; explosives, inflammable liquids, oxidizing agents, poisonous substances, radioactive substances, abrasives and substances and agents with different hazards not included in any of these classes.

Tehlikeli Maddeler, nesnenin yapısına uygun belgeye sahip bir araçlarımızla taşınır.

Hazardous substances are carried out by a vehicle that has the document suitable for the nature of the good. We are always ready to provide service to you with our road transport, airway, seaway and integrated logistics solutions, including dangerous goods transportation.

Medical Transportation

Medical devices and medical materials, which are quite sensitive, require sensitive and safe transportation and storing. As Bogazici Grup, we give service in GDP standards in the field of medical transportation, which we specialize in.