Our purpose as HERMES GLOBAL LOJISTIK A.S. is to be one of the Leader teams in the Sector, in conformity with legal legislation, standard and specifications in National and International platforms, providing quality and economic service on time, innovative, constantly developing its system with participation of its employees, all activities are transparent and open to the public; with the Integrated Management System we created in the direction of our vision, mission, ethical principles and values.

In line with this purpose, we undertake;

  • To meet customer satisfaction in the highest level and provide continuity,
  • To follow technological developments, do improvement works of product/design in our processes and increase productivity,
  • To reduce environmental effects that may arise from production and service activities of our facilities,
  • To be respectful to living beings and environment by focusing on protecting our natural environment,
  • To use natural resources and energy efficiently,
  • To increase the part of the renewable energy resources in the use of energy,
  • To provide reliability of information and do activities in this regard
  • To raise awareness of our employees working in our facilities, suppliers and other shareholders on implementing our policies, reaching our purposes and aims, ensuring our product/service compliance and environmental protection philosophy,
  • To increase company performance and efficiency of production,
  • To constantly improve all the processes by managing the risks efficiently,
  • To work with the principle of zero accident on occupational health and safety,
  • To detect the possible risks on Information Assets and create a risk management by using methods such as risk acceptance, risk avoidance, risk reduction, risk control and risk transfer,
  • To implement, manage and measure process performances by constantly improving in line with the Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility Principles of Information Assets,
  • To identify possible risk points that may be caused by situations that will disrupt Information Security Incidents, Information Security Violation Incidents and Work Continuity and to ensure that corrective actions are carried out in order to prevent them,
  • To follow the Law of Cyber Crimes (5651) and Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) in force,
  • To support and develop its suppliers
  • To carry out the relationships with the partners with transparency and with common mind,

and to implement and constantly improve the requirements of the standards with our Integrated Management System.