Human Resources Policy

Hermes Global human resources management aims to create a happy, productive, successful and healthy labor that has corporate culture and high sense of belonging, for our employees, with the approach of strategic business partner. Our company adopts a management perspective that analyses need of employees, promotes occupational promotion and respects employee rights. We support quality human resource and labor attendance by providing employment in the areas where our logistic centers are located.

Our purpose is to offer career opportunities in the field of “External Trade and Logistic”, one of the sectors directing the future of Turkey, for newly graduates or candidates who want to give a different direction to their career.

In the direction of our corporate values, we carry out our works with reliability, objectivity, credibility, honesty, transparency, social responsibility, principle of respect to human, which are the basic principles of service and trade.

Structure of our company:

  • Hadimkoy Region
  • Sekerpinar Region
  • Pelitli Region


Our hiring process:

Candidates suitable for the required qualifications are determined through the applications coming to CV pool. While hiring to the regions, the interviews are done by Region Managers.

Job Application Form