Achieve Great Success with Our E-Trade Management System

As Hermes Global, our e-trade solutions include all processes of e-trade warehousing services, from the receipt of a bulky delivery to the management of package delivery for small orders. along with our storing and delivery services, for all your logistics needs, you can provide instant access to all processes online and follow performance.

Hermes Global olarak e-ticaret çözümlerimiz, hacimli bir teslimatın alınmasında, küçük siparişler için paket teslimatının yönetimine kadar e-ticaret depolama hizmetlerinin tüm süreçlerini kapsar.
Depolama ve teslimat hizmetlerimizin yanı sıra tüm lojistik ihtiyaçlarınız için tüm süreçlerinize online olarak anlık erişim sağlayabilir ve performans takibi yapabilirsiniz.

Hermes Global has the below qualifications that will help you provide a perfect shopping experience to your customers.

  • Quality control services in good acceptance
  • Multilayer and fast collection infrastructure
  • High level traceability and performance management
  • Inventory management system
  • Online, real-time data shopping infrastructure
  • Product combination, repackaging and barcoding
  • Detailed return logistics
    Perfect delivery with our national distribution team

1. Integration

We integrate our sales store to our logistics centers easily and for free. You can check your stocks real-time with free Hermes Global application.

2. Storing
You can send your products to us so that we can store them safely and economically in our warehouses. We keep your products optimized! Our warehouses belong to Hermes Global and are used only for the customers of Hermes Global. Your products are kept safely in high quality standards.

3. Order Fulfillment and Logistics
As soon as your order arrives, we deliver it to your customers according to your instructions without any problem. We organize your orders in the fastest way. Our team offers customized order fulfillment solutions. Our wide order fulfillment centers network enables you to open new markets fast and easily. We can even handle your custom procedures for you! With our global carrying network, you can always benefit from the best possible prices and transportation prices.
Küresel taşıyıcı ağımızla, her zaman mümkün olan en iyi fiyatlardan ve nakliye ücretlerinden yararlanırsınız.

4. Return Management

Even the best products are returned sometimes. We carefully examine all your returns and classify according to their situations. At the end, we realize a complete return management process where you decide what happens at the end.