About Us

Today, we, Hermes Global, continue our storage activities, which started in 2010 in a single location in 6.000 m2, in three locations in an area larger than 30.600 m2. We provide storage and logistics services, which will facilitate your trade, in our facilities in Hadimkoy, Sekerpinar, Pelitli 1 and Pelitli 2.
We benefit from technology and new business models in order to develop the logistics and supply chain industry. Our fiduciary brand culture constitutes the foundation of our success.

We have been protecting the assets of our customers and have been ensuring them to deliver them at the right time, to the right place and in the right way for more than 13 years.
We offer success-oriented solutions based on the win-win principle to any company in every sector and in every size.

We, Hermes Global, offer effective storage and distribution solutions to our customers with our wide business network and experienced staff as well as we also offer many qualified solutions, which will ensure added values to the operations. We help our customers save time with our value-added services requiring attention, such as quality control, labeling, bar-coding, product combination, repackaging and packaging. We contribute to the reduction of the total operation costs and improvement of the processes during the supply chain of our customers.

In our logistics centers, we offer Free Storage, Bonded Storage, Domestic Transportation, International Transportation services. Also, we have the required storage conditions for your sensitive personal data commodities with our Public Warehouse, Refrigerated Warehouse, Hazardous Material and ADR Warehouse areas.

In our country, storage capacities have reached the fullness at the rate of 100% with the effect of the pandemic, upon the increase of the stocking need in the supply chain and the record growth in the e-trade. Year of 2021 has become the year of investment and technologic transformation in the storage for Hermes Global upon the continuation of the demand by increasing. Faults in the supply chain with the pandemic and the rapid increase in the raw material prices have increased the stocking need in the supply chain. In order to ensure our customers to create competition advantage in their sectors, we provide for them with added values during their supply chain processes and we ensure them to be more effective and to have less cost at every point of such processes.

m2 Bonded Area
Our warehouses are named as TYPE-A PUBLIC WAREHOUSE according to the business license obtained from the General Directorate of Customs of the Undersecretariat of Customs. Under the rules determined in the Customs Law, we ensure your import products and raw materials to store under the safe conditions and to deliver them to the consignees, when required.
m2 Free Storage
Our facility in Pelitli has the storage area of 15000 m2, our facility in Hadimkoy has the storage area of 1800 m2, our facility in Sekerpinar has the storage area of 300 m2. We carry out the storage and loading processes of your commodities of any kind, which are your nationalized or domestic purchases, beginning from the product acceptance.
Years of Experience
Since our foundation to today, in order to obtain outstanding quality, we effectively offer all kinds of services with our experienced team and technical infrastructure.

We are focused on management of future

Storage units, management office, outstanding telecommunication network and high capacity heavy equipments in our facilities offer full service with high technology equipments, telescopic ramps and motion-sensitive camera system to meet all your needs

  • We combined our focus with a perfect management.
  • We are aware that our responsibilities will lead you to success.